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Working out @ Pinnacle is amazing! The workouts are tailored to exactly what you need in order to achieve your specific results. The workouts are always changing, they’re always challenging and they’re fun! The facility is clean and inviting and the energy in there really just gets you motivated. Chris is a great motivator. He’s got the energy, the knowledge and the patience to get you where you want to be. In the time I’ve been there I’ve lost 12 pounds, countless inches and my physique is completely different. I’m strong and lean, I have muscles in places I didn’t know existed and I just feel great! I’ve really enjoyed my 7AM workouts! And if I couldn’t make my 7AM, there is flexible scheduling which was also a big plus! If you’re on the fence about personal training, go sit and talk with Chris and then make up your mind 🙂

– Deb P.

Honestly, there aren’t enough stars to give Chris and Pinnacle Fitness. Chris has been my personal trainer for about 5 months, and I am in the best physical/mental shape of my life. The couple of sessions a week keeps me mentally grounded and keeps my stress at bay. Chris/Patrick are particularly observant to my reaction to every exercise. If I show signs of exhaustion or discomfort due to a given physical move, they will immediately ask if I am okay and if I want to continue. Everyone at Pinnacle Fitness is very sensitive to my well being. When I had an unrelated hip injury, he (Chris) modified my workouts to allow me time to heal and strengthen my hip. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Chris and Pinnacle Fitness!!!!

– Lorrayne R.

Chris got me on the road to becoming stronger… put variety in my workouts… took the intimidation out of going into the weight room… taught me how to do a pull-up, how to use a kettle bell, how to use a weight without hurting myself and so much more… Thank you Chris Morel… Patrick and Francisco!

– Patrice S.

The best. The best owner, coaches and clientele…. oh and by the way I’m at near ten lbs lost per month for three months and running (sweat and fingers still crossed). Nothing but respect and praise for Chris, Patrick, Cisco, and the entire coaching staff. Thank you, Pinnacle Fitness!

– Tim L.

Let me take you back 20 weeks….. I was a woman who hid under baggy tee shirts. I had a very low self esteem and only felt comfortable hiding my body. But now, I am so proud of the way I look that I wear tight workout clothing. I owe a big THANK YOU to Chris. It was his professionalism and dedication in helping me get my body and my self esteem where I wanted it to be.

He makes fitness fun! What more can you ask for in a Trainer, really? If I could get a tattoo on my new body that says “BODY BY CHRIS,” I would so do it.

Kimberly R.
-Administrative Assistant

I joined the gym to ya know, lose a couple of pounds. But when I met Christopher Morel, the “just losing a couple of pounds thing” completely changed. Not only is Chris a fantastic Trainer, but he is also a very inspiring person to be around. You can tell he truly loves what he does. He gave me encouragement to keep reaching for my goals and to constantly challenge myself. Failure is never an option when it comes to Chris. Chris definitely makes you work hard, but it never really seems like work. He is charismatic, absolutely hysterical (ask him to sing and dance for you) and extremely supportive. You’ll sweat and probably be sore the next day, but you will do it with a smile on your face. Chris is a great Trainer in the sense that he makes your body strong, but he is truly wonderful in what he does for the soul. He makes you want to reach your goals. He pushes you to keep going. You want to succeed for yourself, but also for him. I go to the gym almost everyday now, I LIVE by a packet he gave me called “Nutrition for Life,” and I really believe my fitness goals are at my finger tips as long as I keep up the work. Since working with Chris, I’ve lost 11 pounds, gone down 2 dress sizes, I had heart palpitations, ankle and knee pain before working with him that have disappeared. Ultimately, he gave me my self confidence back, which I could never thank him enough for.

Jamianne D.
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