Achieve Your Best

Why Pinnacle Fitness

Pinnacle Fitness is a Semi-Private Personal Training service that specializes in Weight Management and general Health & Fitness. Our Training Systems have helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds, and get into the best shape of their lives. Our number one goal is to provide safety, results, and health education to our clients, delivered with world-class service.

If you are interested in becoming a client of Pinnacle Fitness you will receive a complimentary “Success Session.” This session will be our most important session together. This is where we will gather the information which is essential for us to design you a safe and effective exercise program, such as your Health History, Exercise History, and of course you Personal Fitness Goals. At this time, we will also perform a non-invasive movement screen, which is designed to detect any type of movement asymmetries in the body, that if present, may have the ability to hinder your optimum performance.

Once you become a client, we then use the information in which we collected throughout the screening (Success Session) to create your individualized training program, just for you. Also, as part of your individualized training program, you will receive a weekly schedule with specific objectives, so when you’re not with us, you know exactly what to do and when to do it. This completely takes the guess work out of our clients training routines, getting us right to the results! Your schedule is specifically designed to accommodate your lifestyle, making achieving your goals realistic based on your time constraints! Your success is our success!

We invite you to come down to our facility and experience for your self what truly makes us different! 978-394-6679 72 Jefferson St Marlborough Ma, 01752 Like us on Facebook Join Our Newsletter